Buying Books Online in Nigeria Has Never Been Easier

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 Ecommerce has made it super easy to buy books online in Nigeria. Gone are the days when you needed to head on over to Amazon to search for your favorite titles, only to get your heart broken after learning that the ecommerce giant doesn’t ship to Nigeria. Have you ever read a book review or excerpt that made you want to run out to get the book in question? In the past, that would have been painful because you could only rely on foreign book retailers to ship the book to you with the attendant sky-high prices and exorbitant shipping fees, which would have caused significant damage to your bank balance.

The good news is that you can get all kinds of books in Nigeria, thanks to online book retailers. Yes, you can buy business books, books for kids, and even bestsellers hot off the presses. This new development means that whether you’re in Lagos or Port Harcourt, buying books is just a few clicks away. There’s more! There are other great reasons why buying books online in Nigeria is one of the best things to happen to readers nationwide.

Reasons Why Online Book Retail in Nigeria Rocks
  1. You Can Choose from a Wide Selection of Titles

Whether you’re looking to get a few words of wisdom from pastors like Joel Osteen or you’re in need of some time-tested leadership tips from the likes of John C. Maxwell, you can just pick up your phone and have the books delivered directly to your doorstep. Booksellers like Bookville World have taken the time to source for a wide selection of titles for your convenience.

  1. Buying Books Online in Nigeria Saves Both Time and Money

When the Percy Jackson TV series exploded into the phenomenon it is today, the demand for the books on which the series is based skyrocketed. Everyone wanted Rick Riodarn’s books but it was nearly impossible to get the original copies in Nigeria. Book enthusiasts had to order the books from book retailers outside Nigeria. Yes, you guessed right – it was crazy expensive to ship the Game of Throne books because they are heavy tomes.

It is a different story now that it is easy to buy books online in Nigeria. You can get hot bestsellers for less because the books are available in Nigeria and shipping time is dramatically reduced.

  1. Ecommerce Has Solved the Problem of Book Distribution in Nigeria

Back in the day, the books you wanted were only available in big cities like Lagos, Abuja and major bookshops in Port Harcourt, but since you live in a tiny corner of Nigeria it was difficult to buy books because those titles were only carried by bookshops so far away. Felt like you were being punished for not being a big city person, right?

Thankfully, that’s old news. Nowadays you only need a smartphone, some internet connection and a debit card to get the book you want no matter your location in Nigeria.

  1. Online Book Retailers in Nigeria Help the Economy

It is no news that the exchange rate has weakened a few knees in the past few months, that is if your bank hasn’t cancelled the option of international purchases. The Euphoria of shopping wears off when you whip out you calculator and convert money spent and discover that you have exceeded your budget by a few thousands.

Nigerian online booksellers like charge you in Naira. This is beneficial for both the buyer and the economy.

  1. Knowledge is Readily Available

There are so many ways to learn, and investing in good books is a surefire way of acquiring even more knowledge. Introduce your kids to reading by gifting them books that tell the stories of their favourite characters on TV. Buying popular children’s books in Nigeria is super easy. You can train your children to become insatiable readers by buying books for kids like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the world-famous Dr. Seuss Books. Who knows? You could unlock the creativity of your kids, and in a few years, you just might become the parent of a famous writer.

  1. You Support Nigerian Entrepreneurs When You Buy Nigerian Goods

The Buy Nigerian to Grow the Naira campaign may have slowed down a bit, but the underlying reason for the campaign is still very important. There’s no better way to support the local economy than by purchasing locally-made goods and services. Online book retailers in Nigeria flourish when you buy books. Everyone gains from this arrangement. You get your books delivered to you at low prices and at record speed, and Nigerian entrepreneurs gain from your patronage.

Reading makes you the ruler of your world. The availability of books means that you have an important resource needed to grow your business, learn some new stuff, stoke your spiritual life, etc. This means no more trips to physical bookstores where, let’s face it, you are unlikely to find the books you need.

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