The Condom and other Stories


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In The Condom, a wife is speechless when she finds a condom in her husband’s clothes. In their marriage, they had never used a condom, so why does her husband have one? Her reaction is that of the silent treatment for several hours, during which the husband contemplates how much he loves his wife and revisits the affair that he has been having. While he speculates on the possible actions his wife can take and the impact those would have on his life, his wife has a secret of her own. After this first story, readers will have high expectations of those to follow, with more funny twists and comical narration.



In The Condom and Other Stories, Peter Chika delivers a collection of seventeen short stories. They begin with scenes of tension, frustration, or¬†drama of some sort, then explore past revelations or incidents that give readers an insight into the characters’ mindset or lifestyle, before ending with a twist. The Condom, The Briefcase, A Pot of Soup, and The Interview proved to be the most lighthearted and amusing tales.

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