H.I.M.M. – High Impact Middle Management (Used)


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As a middle manager, you are a key player responsible for delivering organizational results. You hold the title of manager, director, or even vice president. You manage a staff, budgets, operational processes, and support senior management’s strategic initiatives. Yet, until now, there was no distinct system that addresses corporate execution from your unique perspective. H.I.M.M.-an acronym for High Impact Middle Management-explains how to manage the unique challenges and responsibilities of middle management, including:
A workforce whose skills and desires are not aligned with management objectives
Organizational objectives that cannot be implemented with current processes
Strategic goals that seem to contradict one another, for example: “cut overhead costs” and “reduce turnover of high performers”
H.I.M.M., a one-of-a-kind work that redefines the role of middle manager, gets you results-even in the most high-pressure work situations.

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H.I.M.M. - High Impact Middle Management (Used)


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