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What is in a date?

Coincidences are usually the subject of writers of history, but in modern times we seek out for them to construct a story for the future. Otherwise how do you explain the choice of the date 08:08:08 by DANA Airlines even before they had their median flight to launch their business in Nigeria.

Two years earlier, there was so much hullabaloo in the days leading up to the date 06:06:06, in relation to the number ‘666’ the sign of the beast as depicted in the Bible. A year later, there was excitement prior to the date 07:07:07. Again the Bible was the reference point noting that the number 7 symbolize completeness or perfection. Interestingly, a similar allusion is made in Islam and other major world religions.

And bless them, miracle workers of our time, what a chance to promote their products and services on so called ‘spiritually significant’ dates to an ever increasing global market of consumers seeking blessings from the Almighty highly paid jobs, rich husbands, submissive wives, well behaved children, million dollar contracts and so on.

Come to think of it, this ‘glorious decade plus two’ of the current millennium starting from 2001 has presented a rare opportunity for some smart thinking people to make a killing in terms of marketing advantage. The year 2000 could not have qualified since the originators of the Gregorian Calendar currently in use refused to start counting from the number 0 (zero), only to smuggle it in after they ran out of regular numbers on reaching number 9.

Little wonder the computers refused to crash on the 1st of January of that year. It could have happened if there was a date like 00:00:00. But thanks goodness doomsday is still far away perhaps not until we all agree to re-think our present system of making dates.

However, until after 2012, there is still some profit to be made, that is, if you can come up with some- thing of real value you can offer gullible consumers on the 12th of December by 12 noon.