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The Paradox of Reality

The young lady had a road traffic accident, but would later marry the gentleman who came to rescue her from the car wreck and took her to the hospital. This and similar tales are common testimonies we often hear from people. Coincidence, not likely this is reality.

Human life is often broken down into right and wrong; pain and pleasure; slander and honour; praise and blame; and so on. One feature that is common to these pairs of life situations is that they cease as they come. But most fundamentally, what is perceived as bad may give rise to good.

For example, in the Christian faith, it is generally believed that without a woman, evil would not have entered the world, but the world also received miraculous salvation through her. In other words, a woman is capable of both sin and utmost purity.

In the midst of the chaos that life has become, the mind tries to find order and places a higher value on it. Meanwhile, all around us, we can find new growth arising from decay. This should tell us that both righteousness and evil are part of our human reality for they feed on each other to make living whole.

Therefore, in a world where losing and winning are two sides of the same reality, we should be reassured to use today’s crises for tomorrow’s progress.