Tadunos Song


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The novel, Taduno?s Song, tells the story of the eponymous character, a musician of repute who returned from exile to discover that not only had his home country changed beyond repair, and for the worse, memory of him and his erstwhile influence in the musical and political scene in his country had miraculously been wiped out except in a few exceptional cases. His ex-girlfriend and lover had been kidnapped, and his fellow citizens had all slipped into despair and despondence under an oppressive military rule. The environment is totally dystopian. Not only had amnesia prevented people from remembering anything of note, including Taduno?s identity and his erstwhile role in their lives, their despondence had also brought them into a kind of torpor conditioned by fear. The country was Orwell?s 1984, with Big Brother being a military president, in the skin color and military uniform similar to the ones Nigeria dealt with for about four decades.

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