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Life is a ‘terminal disease’

“These are strange times, when we are healthier than ever but more anxious about our health”. Roy Porter’s opening statement in his chronicle of medical history from antiquity to the present sums the present state of humanity in relation to health and disease.

Even as longevity all over the world continues to rise, and where many more people especially in less developed areas are living well into their 70s,

doubling the life expectancy of a century ago very few people today feel confident about their personal health and the systems that deliver health care. And virtually everything associated with the human condition from beauty, weight gain, hair loss, wrinkle skin and old age has been ‘medicalized’.

As this global quest for living a long, healthy, happy, fulfilling and ever young life remain constant, the media who bombard the public with news of medical break through such as biotechnology, organ transplant, and reproductive technology; paradoxically also captures the public mood with scare-mongering.

With increasing public demand for more and better medicine to cure all manner of illness, real or imagined; life itself becomes a disease. But ultimately every life will end at some point.