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Equal but not the Same

For the first time in recorded history, men and women even in societies with strong traditions in Africa, are equally educated and doing the same jobs.

In April 2009, Aero Contractors a commercial airline operating in Nigeria proudly announced the first all female crew in Nigeria’s aviation history as if to confirm this fact.

While social and economic roles of women have changed in terms of breaking through the cultural ’glass ceiling’ of home making, the lack of balance with their innate feature of bringing forth the next generation of human beings is creating internal turmoil.

On the other hand, the male folks are not only threatened by the female role transition, but also by under-achievement in the current economic scene. Moreover, testosterone (male hormone) enhanced behaviors that tend to identify maleness with aggression, conflict and violence are no longer acceptable.

Meanwhile, It is not yet clear to both parties that men and women still posses complimentary attributes that is more than the sum of the total.