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Your Education Starts About Now

For most people, going to school, acquiring certificates and preparing for a career is all that is needed to be educated in the traditional sense. But with such a dynamic global environment as we currently experience, this approach is no longer tenable.

People all over the world, more so in our developing parts constantly have to renew what they know or learn new things in order to survive. But to live the good life fully, they have to do more than just obtaining essential education to undertaking a programmed of lifelong learning.

In a world that is still growing, the competition for resources physical, emotional and spiritual among the 7 billion inhabitants of the earth; no doubt requires an approach that helps people to always trust in their abilities.

Apart from having sell-able skills, everyone irrespective of political, economic and social standing need to be empowered to be free from the ‘fear of the unknown’, which has crippled individuals from acting wisely, and that has created conflicts among tribes, nations and races.

This sort of education, which is education about the ‘art of living’ goes beyond forcing the mind into a system or pattern but that which sets the mind free from its own conditioning and that by others.